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WCS-IP Cyclist and Pedestrian Team Creates Elephant Spatial Landmark in Bandar Lampung

A group of cyclists and pedestrians from WCS-IP and local communities in Bandar Lampung created the first elephant spatial landmark in Indonesia as a part of the Voice of the Voiceless campaign (08/23/20)

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Global Tiger Day: Our Action for Our Tigers


The Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park (BBTNBBS) in collaboration with WCS-IP and the Sumatran Tiger Project GEF-UNDP conducted a series of "Global Tiger Day 2019" Campaigns in several areas in Lampung to commemorate Global Tiger Day which falls every July 29th.

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Monica P. Medina Named President and CEO of the Wildlife Conservation Society

Medina currently serving in two roles at the US Dept. of State: Assistant Secretary of State for Oceans, Environment, and Science; and Special Envoy for Biodiversity and Water Resources.

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20 Years Conserving Sulawesi's Wildlife

Since 1999, Wildlife Conservation Society Indonesia Program has been supporting Indonesian government to protect Sulawesi's conservation areas based on three main programs: biodiversity survey, maleo conservation programs, and SMART Patrol.