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The Environmental and Social Management Framework for the Marine Biodiversity and Coastal Livelihoods in Sulawesi and Coral Triangle project
This document is meant for public disclosure representing the Environmental and Social Management Framework for the Marine Biodiversity and Coastal Livelihood in Three Seascapes in the Coral Triangle project. Annexes and further supporting documents of the ESMF is available at this link.
FAO - the scale, value and importance of Non fin Shark and Rays comodities
Senkawor Edisi III
SENKAWOR Edisi II 2017
SENKAWOR Edisi I 2017
Spatial analysis to achieve 20 Million Hectares of Marine Protected Areas for Indonesia by 2020
The President of the Republic of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, in his speech at theConvention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in Brazil (2006), declared a target of ten millionhectares of marine protected areas (MPAs) for Indonesia by 2012. One of the key steps toachieve Indonesia’s MPA target is the selection of appropriate sites for MPA establishment, whereecological functions, environmental services, resource utilization, local knowledge regarding re-source management and the socioeconomic welfare of local communities are improved and sus-tained. The objective of this study is to develop strategic recommendations to the GoI, and definepriority areas to achieve the target of twenty million hectares of MPAs by 2020.
Tropical rainforest heritage of Sumatra
Our activities there have gone from small-scale research to a broad landscape-scale program addressing conservation needs through collaborative management and improved development planning, supported by research, capacity building, law enforcement, education and awareness. As the program develops the lessons-learned are being taken to Kerinci-Seblat and Gunung Leuser National Parks with the vision of achieving a common management strategy for the entire heritage site, backed by a network of information and resource sharing.
Partnership Council of Bogani Nani Wartabone National Park
WCS and BNWNP initiated a new approach to strengthen park conservation management forming a partnership framework called Dewan Mitra, a partnership council. The council is focusing on four key elements: 1) building a strong knowledge base for local stakeholders in order that they can have substantive input into park management; 2) collecting sound field information in order to provide a clearer picture of management issues for local, regional, national and international stakeholders; 3) translating field information into best management practices; and 4) increasing awareness of biodiversity and conservation at the local level.
Northwest Sumatra seascape
The earthquake of December 26 2004 that struck 30km beneath the Indian Ocean along the Andaman-Sumatera faultline, off the northwestern coast of Indonesia, triggered a tsunami that caused massive devastation on land and unprecedented loss of lives. These reefs are the gateway to the Indonesian archipelago and the Pacific for many Indian Ocean species, therefore, this is a uniquely informative community with respect to the biogeography of coral reefs. There is an urgent need for the collection of information on the impacts on existing marine resources in order to guide management of marine resources and the development of sustainable management practices.
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