North Sulawesi

Sulawesi is the core of Wallacea. One of the 36 global biodiversity hotspots, it is home to a magnificent wealth of biodiversity, where 98% of mammals, 33% of birds, and almost 80% of amphibians are endemic. In North Sulawesi, we work closely with North Sulawesi Conservation Agency, with a mandate to manage 13 conservation areas, eight of which in North Sulawesi and the other five in Gorontalo. One of the conservation areas under the agency is Tangkoko Conservation Forest Management Unit that includes three forest areas: Duasudara Nature Reserve, Batuputih Nature Park, and Batuangus Nature Park. The agency is also responsible for the conservation of threatened and protected species outside conservation areas and tackling illegal wildlife trade.


Challenges in our conservation works in North Sulawesi include hunting and smuggling of protected and threatened species, poor law enforcement related to illegal activities, unsustainable fishing practices, forest and mangrove area conversion for coastal development and aquaculture, and lack of capacity to manage natural resources.


We started our program in North Sulawesi in 1995 by conducting biodiversity surveys in Tangkoko Nature Reserve. Our recent works include supporting North Sulawesi Conservation Agency in the maleo nesting site management in three sites located in the buffer zones of the conservation areas under the agency, facilitating South Bolaang Mongondow District Government to strengthen their policy framework for species and habitat protection by establishing wildlife corridors outside conservation areas, facilitating community groups in buffer zones and wildlife corridors to develop sustainable agriculture, and strengthening situation-based conservation area protection through the Integrated Prevention Model (IPM).

We also provide expertise and technical assistance in the provision of four wildlife-detection dogs, a measure that assists North Sulawesi Conservation Agency in tackling illegal wildlife trade. In coastal areas, we have been supporting the agency in increasing community support for sea turtle and dugong conservation through awareness and outreach activities, and providing support for community-based management of turtle and dugong habitats in Marine Protected Areas, working with entities such as community watch groups and tourism awareness groups.