Aceh Province northern sea is the best coral reef habitat in western Indonesia. This territory is the gate to Indonesian archipelago, where its biodiversity is the mix between species in Pacific and Indian Ocean. We could find approximately 558 reef fish species, 44 hard coral genus, 3 sea turtle species with at least six species in Weh Island and its surrounding is endemic to Indonesia waters.



Main threat of this area is the unsustainable fishing activity. Furthermore, the high number of fishing activity using speargun becomes the main reason of carnivore fish reduction , both in Weh Island or Pulau Aceh (Beras and Nasi Island). 



WCS-IP started working in Aceh since 2005 by conducting a coral reef survey to study the impact of the 2004 tsunami on coral reef ecosystem. In 2007, WCS-IP intensively assisted Government of Kota Sabang in managing Weh Island’s natural resources. Through the local government and WCS-IP's effort to increase the effectiveness of northern Aceh sea management, the Eastern Coast of Weh Island established as marine protected area (MPA). The Kota Sabang government also achieved awards as appreciation to their success in managing the sea and coastal area.