Noviar Andayani
Country Director Indonesia Program
Noviar Andayani completed her PhD in Conservation Biology at University of Indonesia, where she also served as a lecturer for the past twenty years. She was the head of graduate program in conservation biology at the same university when she joined WCS Indonesia Program. While she continues her teaching roles, she also leads WCS Indonesia Program as the country director. Outside these two institutions, she is also chairing the Indonesian Primatological Association and was one of the key contributor to the national strategy for orangutan conservation.
William Marthy
Sumatra Program Manager
William Marthy, PhD., has been working in biodiversity conservation in Indonesia since 1998 in various different conservation NGOs in Indonesia before joining Wildlife Conservation Society-Indonesia Program in mid-2014. He is currently managing WCSIP conservation activities in Sumatra covering from biodiversity monitoring, Wildlife Response Unit which deals with Human-Wildlife Conflict (tiger, elephant, orangutan, and other wildlife), and improving protected area management through effective and efficient patrolling system (SMART). The WCSIP Sumatra Program is implemented in three important national parks in Sumatra-Indonesia: Leuser, Bukit Barisan Selatan, and Way Kambas National Park. William completed his PhD on bird communities in the secondary lowland forest of Sumatra in Goettingen University-Germany.
Iwan Hunowu
Northern Sulawesi Coordinator
Iwan joined WCS at Sulawesi Program, where he worked in a variety of position until 2012. His passion and skill in bird has been made him credible to lead a conservation program of Maleo bird (Macrocephalon maleo).
Tasrif Kartawijaya
Fisheries Project Coordinator
Employed by WCS since 2004, Tasrif received his MSc in Fisheries at Bogor Agricultural University, His research was on reef fisheries dynamic in Karimunjawa National Park. Tasrif is an experienced reef fish ecologist, marine resources planning and policy, and was instrumental in providing technical advice on design, management plan and zoning system for several marine protected areas in Indonesia, as he has been succeeded with developing one for Karimunjawa National Park and Gili Matra Marine Recreational Park. He will continue to work on marine policy issues, fisheries science and management system, also playing around with some fisheries data analysis. Tasrif is an experienced CMAS two star diver.
Sofi Mardiah
Wildlife Trade Policy Program Manager
Sofi Mardiah is a Wildlife Trade Policy Program Manager for Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)-Indonesia Program, working to support Government of Indonesia to understand and strengthen the national policy and regulatory framework for conservation and wildlife trade, including regulation governing enforcement of wildlife crimes. Sofi has worked in research and project management include several years with the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) working on Global Comparative Study on REDD+ focusing on national policies and processes, Integrated Law Enforcement Approach for Forest Crimes Project and the United Nation Office on Drugs and Crimes (UNODC) responsible for Forest Crimes Programme. She holds a Master’s in Environmental and Natural Resources Management with major on Environmental Policies. Her main interests include research on forest policy, forestry corruption, REDD+, and spatial planning as well as forest and wildlife crimes.

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