North Sulawesi province is 15,272 km2 wide with coastal line as long as 1,837 km, and is one of the richest in coastal natural resources. North Sulawesi also known as the heart of Coral Triangle which happen to have the highest coral reef biodiversity, large area of mangrove, sea grass habitat that important for the vulnerable dugong. The marine conservation area in North Sulawesi includes Marine Protected Area and Mangrove Protected area in 26 villages, Bunaken National Park, Regional Marine Protected Areas in South Minahasa, Bitung and Talaud Regency.

What We Do

We started our program in North Sulawesi in 2010 by conducting the coastal resources coaching program in North Minahasa, Southeast Minahasa and South Minahasa.

 Our main activities in this area are:

a. Evaluation of conservation program that has finished or still on going by the stakeholders in North Sulawesi

b. Development of Regional Marine Protected Area and other conservation area in North Sulawesi

c. Ecology, social, economy and cultural survey in 32 Marine Protected Area and conservation area

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