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Position : Community Development and Livelihood Officer
Number of Positions : 3 Positions
Period : 1 year
Program : WCS_IP Marine
Based in : North Sulawesi; North Minahasa, Sitaro, Sangihe
 Line Manager : North Sulawesi Marine Project Coordinator Period : 1 year


The Wildlife Conservation Society’s Indonesia program aims to conserve marine resources vital to the protection and sustainability of a wide range of human activities and livelihoods. Consequently, conservation efforts cannot be separated from the management of fisheries or interaction with coastal communities. WCS employs a rigorous scientific approach to build capacity, strengthen management and inspire community stewardship for the protection and sustainable use of critical marine ecosystems, fisheries and threatened species. To achieve these goals, WCS employs a science-based approach to assisting the Indonesian government to establish and manage marine protected areas (MPAs), manage small-scale fisheries, and protect sharks and rays in various sites.

The WCS Indonesia Marine program focuses on the establishment and effective management of MPAs and development of sustainable fisheries, as interlinked strategies to secure and manage Indonesia’s coastal marine resources. WCS is committed to assisting the Government of Indonesia to meet its national and international commitments to MPA establishment and management – including the commitment to achieve 20 million hectares of MPAs by 2020. MPAs benefit both biodiversity and fisheries management by protecting habitats and protecting breeding populations of important marine organisms. The basis of all of our work is scientific data. Our teams of marine biologists, fisheries scientists, and socioeconomic specialists inform project design with baseline surveys. Regular monitoring of resources informs all subsequent decision making.

WCS has started marine work in Indonesia in 2002 and has expertise in marine and socioeconomic surveying, fisheries science, marine protected area creation and management, marine and fisheries policy, and law enforcement. Through KfW funding for the period of 2019 – 2025, within these area of expertise, WCS will continue to support the Government of Indonesia through Sustainable Fisheries Management, decreasing threats to coral reefs and Supporting the designation and management of protected areas.

This project aims at conserving Indonesia’s diverse marine ecosystems and important fisheries through creation and improvement of marine protected areas (MPA) and improved management of commercially and ecologically important fisheries. It will benefit the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, fisheries managers in West Nusa Tenggara, North Sulawesi and Aceh provinces, and local communities who rely on marine resources. It will address threats of overfishing, destructive fishing, and loss of marine habitats.

The position will be based in North Sulawesi and will liaise closely with local partners (government and community) and staff in Manado. The role will develop relationships and integrate the Community Based management with the provincial MPAs in North Minahasa, Sitaro, Sangihe and areas of newly established. The role will require long stay with village communities and/or regular trips to the field to build communication and provide direct technical advice and liaison with local communities/partners. This position will under the direct supervision of the North Sulawesi Marine Project Coordinator of the WCS-IP with respect to design, coordination and implementation of projects


  1. Engage closely with local communities, community leaders, fishers groups, fish collectors and other stakeholders in implementing WCS’ objectives to achieve a sustainable fisheries management.  
  2. Undertake livelihoods needs assessment and assess the existing livelihood practices of the intervention villages.  
  3. Assist the development, implementation and monitoring of Livelihood Restitution Plans and ensure provision of appropriate alternate livelihood opportunities for the impacted fishers and the communities due to project interventions. 
  4. Assist the local community to increase their capacity related access to local and national governments program and development.  
  5. Support the development of the establishment of sustainable/customary fisheries management systems in the intervention villages. 
  6. Provide any data and information as needed by Fisheries Coordinator, MPA Coordinator and Aceh Senior Coordinator.
  7. Assist Fisheries Coordinator, MPA coordinator and Aceh Senior Coordinator in coordination and consultation with the MPA management authorities, provincial and district authorities, local NGOs to develop marine protected area management effectiveness. 
  8. Undertake any other duties, as assigned by the direct supervisor and/or Marine Program Managers and provide support in project implementation as needed. 
  9. Build and maintain close working relationships with all stakeholders involved in WCS target MPAs; 
  10. Provide technical and facilitating support to meetings and workshop, and formally represent WCS as necessary in such meetings and workshops; 
  11. Ensure the quality of outputs (e.g. documents, reports, database) of community officers meet the expected standard by WCS.

Position Requirements

  1. Bachelor degree or equivalent to a minimum of high school degree with 3 years practical experience on community engagement or community income generating activities. 
  2. Proven experience in conducting assessment and analysis of marine/agriculture and livelihood related options/activities;  
  3. Experience in working with local government or NGOs on marine/agriculture/livelihood related activities. 
  4. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to be able to carry out capacity building for all stakeholders; 
  5. Possess strong understanding and sensitivity to local culture; 
  6. Commit to living in the village; 
  7. Computer literacy skills (MS Words, Excel, PowerPoint etc.) is desirable.  
  8. Good interpersonal skills to deal with a diverse group of contacts, ability to be a team player and work in multi-culture work environment.


Please note that the above TOR constitutes only the main responsibilities and duties of this position. As WCSIP is a flexible organization, staff members are expected to undertake any other tasks that are allocated to them but which are not part of their regular TOR, but related to it.

Please send a covering letter and CV in English to not later than 29 November 2019 stating in the subject line “Community Development and Livelihood Officer_(name)”. Please also include a portfolio of your previous work or links to blogs or galleries online. No correspondence, only short-listed candidates will be notified.