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Position/Jabatan : Socio-economic Officer
Program : Marine
Based in/Lokasi : Nusa Tenggara Barat
Line Manager/ Manajer Lini : NTB Science and Monitoring Coordinator
Reporting to/ Melapor ke : NTB Science and Monitoring Coordinator, Socio-economic Specialist

Job Summary:

Assist the implementation WCS Marine Program in West Nusa Tenggara Province to improve management effectiveness of MPA and sustainable fisheries management.


The employee will work with the NTB Science and Monitoring Coordinator and Socio-economic Specialist and other staff to:

  1. Assist in the design and conduct monitoring and evaluation for socio economic aspect. 
  2. Develop, organize and facilitate training program for stakeholders (i.e biophysics, socioeconomic, fisheries and Marine SMART Patrol). 
  3. Conduct data entry, data analysis and reporting to meet the WCS standard and formats. 
  4. Assist in develop data base of monitoring and evaluation framework for MPA, and fisheries. 
  5. Organize and facilitate meeting or workshop (formal and informal) in village, district and province level. f. Provide support in project implementation as needed.


  1. To assist in all aspects of field-work and data assimilation as required by any team member. 
  2. All team members will be expected to assist in the day to day co-ordination of field logistics. 
  3. Participate in internal and external meetings as required. 
  4. Participate in design, data entry, data analysis, interpretation and report writing. 
  5. Participate and prepare budget and finance reports as required. 
  6. At all times have a considerate, generous and helpful approach with all team members.

Field Work: General

  1. Assist in the preparation of the field equipment. 
  2. Help with the washing down of the diving and scientific equipment with fresh water and storage for safe keeping at the end of each day. 
  3. Enter all data collected that day into pre-prepared spreadsheets on computers. 
  4. Assist the chief scientists in analyzing data and report writing at the end of each data collection period (approximately one month). Training in data analysis and report writing will be provided.

Reports and Deliverables:

The employee will provide to the NTB Science and Monitoring Coordinator the following material on the following schedule:

  • Daily activity reports (verbal). 
  • Monthly activity reports 
  • Quarterly activity reports. 
  • Annual team and personal work plan. 
  • Semi-annually and annual general activity reports. 
  • Computer files and directories that summarize the office activity and correspondence (backed up on a monthly basis). 
  • Other outputs requested by the NTB Science and Monitoring Coordinator as needed.


  • Bachelor’s degree in anthropology, sociology, fisheries, economics, statistic, or other social sciences 
  • Minimum 2 years of experience in conducting research 
  • Strong skills in qualitative/quantitative survey method 
  • Familiarity with statistical software (R, SPSS, etc.)
  • Ability to write survey and research report 
  • Minimum of two years working experience preferred but not essential.  
  • Fluent English language skills, ability to express opinions in both oral and written English, are essential

Please note that the above TOR constitutes only the main responsibilities and duties of this position. As WCS-IP is a flexible organization, staff members are expected to undertake any other tasks that are allocated to them but which are not part of their regular TOR.


Please send a covering letter and CV in English to no late than 11 September 2020, stating in the subject line “Socio-Economic Officer_(name)”. Please also include a portfolio of your previous work or links to blogs or galleries online. No correspondence, only short-listed candidates will be notified.