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Title of STTA              : Training Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant
Division                       : Wildlife Trade and Policy Program (WTP)
Reports to                    : WTP Program Manager
Date of assignment   : 1st February 2022 – 31th July 2022
Location                       : Bogor, with travel to the field


The illegal wildlife trade (IWT) in Indonesia is valued at US$1 billion per year. It is pervasive, occurring across Indonesia’s rich forested landscapes and seascapes. Due to its sophisticated networks, IWT need to be addressed through multiple layer of approach such as policy empowerment, demand reduction, as well as preventive and effective law enforcement efforts, which can be conducted if supported by sufficient institutional capacity.

Protecting wildlife and its habitat is the mission of Wildlife Conservation Society, hence supporting GoI in addressing poaching, illegal and unsustainable trade (IWT) becomes one of the priorities from WCS Indonesia Program (WCS-IP) in the effort to support government of Indonesia in its wildlife and habitat conservation efforts.

WCS continues to prioritize capacity building of its core partners, by providing training and technical assistance to key government partners in order to enhance the system for monitoring and evaluating the training in order to analyze the impact of the trainings and to what extend the participants apply the skills and knowledge taught.

WCS used to conduct the training evaluation by gathering data from the participants such as including but not limited to: information on the types and number of wildlife trade (WT) cases, number of cases handled, how they were handled (such as the evidence and law used), and the verdict, number of operations, arrests and confiscations. It is important that these key metrics are captured in future training and post-training assessments, and to record the frequency of IWT training run.

WCS will work with government partners to enhance and develop existing system, in which a set of training indicators (largely based on the ones that WCS’s uses) will be captured within training database. The compiled indicators or training metrics will provide valuable inputs to the development of the overall IWT related capacity building strategy. WCS will support MOEF and work closely with KSDAE and the MoEF’s Education Training Centre (Pusdiklat-KLHK/ MoEF) in order to develop, and institutionalize the system into the Ministry’s education and training system.

In order to do this, WCS IP is looking for Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant who will work to support the development of monitoring and evaluation system for trainings as well as to provide supports to the test run of the said system. The consultant will work closely with Capacity Building Specialist during the development of this system and in coordination with Pusdiklat-KLHK and KSDAE-KLHK.


The consultant will support WCS to develop the training monitoring and evaluation system in cooperation with MOEF particularly with MoEF’s Education and Training Institution (Pusdiklat-KLHK). Consultant is expected to conduct desk review, liaise with government partners, in order to achieve said objectives. Consultant also expected to facilitate workshop for the system development as well as provided support to the test run of the system.

Consultant will ensure the monitoring and evaluation system able to capture the impact of the trainings to the participants by measuring numbers of metrics in relation to the IWT case.

Specific / detailed objectives are as follows:

1. Assist KLHK in review of the current monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system for trainings in Pusdiklat-KLHK

  • Review the current monitoring and evaluation system in place in Pusdiklat-KLHK by working closely with the Pusdiklat-KLHK and desk review;
  • Prepare initial report regarding the current M&E system in place, as well as provide recommendations for the development process, an initial outline for the M&E system;

2. Development and Management of training M&E system

  • Develop a working plan containing a detailed schedule and activities for the development and institutionalization of the M&E system;
  • In coordination with Senior Capacity Building specialist to hold a presentation of the recommendation to the government partners;
  • In coordination with Senior Capacity Building specialist to conduct workshop, discussion session, interview, FGDs, involving relevant stakeholders;
  • Develop the draft for the improved M&E system focusing on training’s impact on the performances of the training participants;
  • Liaise with the Pusdiklat-KLHK to institutionalize the M&E system;
  • Support the institutionalization of the M&E system to the government partner’s education and training system;
  • Provide advice in project management related to monitoring and evaluation systems.
  • Liaise with relevant government partners (KSDAE, Pusdiklat-KLHK) throughout the development of the M&E system;
  • Propose an innovative approach to increase the effectiveness of the monitoring and evaluation mechanism;
  • Contribute to the preparation of work plans for the development of the training M&E system, including during the test run of the system.
  • Provide a report regarding the result of the implementation test of the system, and provide recommendations for further improvement in Indonesian or English.

Please note that the above TOR constitutes only the main responsibilities and duties of this position. As WCS-IP is a flexible organization, staff members are expected to undertake any other tasks that are allocated to them but which are not part of their regular TOR

Expected Output and Outcome

  • A comprehensive, enhanced and tested training monitoring and evaluation system and trainee’s database.
  • Institutionalized within MoEF’s Education and Training Institution (Pusdiklat-KLHK) which will be able to capture the impact of the trainings to the participants by measuring numbers of metrics set.


The assigned consultant will address the following tasks:

Deliverables and Term of Payment

The consultancy services for expert shall be for a period of 60 days (10 days/ month) during 6 months assignment starting from February 1st 2022 – July 31th 2022. The expectation is that the overall level of effort (LOE) for the contract will not exceed 60 days over the contract period.

Required Qualifications

  • Minimum Bachelor Degree (S1), Major in Education, Forestry, Psychology, Environmental Studies, Biology, Criminology, Social Science or Another Relevant Topic.
  • Minimum 5-10 years working with a NGO and extensive experiences in liaison with government counterparts, or
  • Minimum 5-10 years of experiences in M & E, data collection, strategic planning, adult education, and coaching.
  • Additional experiences in as lecturers/ teacher/ trainers, or holding position within government institution, learning management/ educational/ academic institution will be an advantage.
  • Highly motivate with good self-initiative and capable to work competently with minimal supervision.
  • Capable to work well under pressure, quickly understand project details and capable of meeting deadlines on time and to a high standard.
  • Good interpersonal skills.
  • A high interest in wildlife conservation.
  • Excellent written and spoken language skills in both English and Indonesian.


Please send a covering letter and CV in English to , stating in the subject line “Training M&E Consultant_(name)” no later than 14 January 2022.